Summit Road


Summit Road


Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Firebreak from ECNZ pylon road down to the top of Summit Road.




Bike and Foot


This is a steep firebreak that runs down a ridge between Fairfield and Naenae, from ECNZ pylon road to the top of Summit Road.

A typical gradient is in the range 15-20%, though there are some sections with a gradient of 30%+. Being a firebreak, the surface is exposed to the weather so deep ruts can be expected on the steeper sections.

There are several sections of track that detour around the most extremely steep parts of the firebreak proper. Although more moderate than the direct route, these short detours are still quite steep.

Along the way two side tracks drop down secondary ridges on the eastern side of the main ridge (towards Naenae) - both are sign-posted as "No exit".

In an attempt to keep motorised vehicles out of the Eastern Hutt Hills, the Summit Road end of the track is barricaded by a large steel gate and concrete blocks. Access is permitted for those on foot or mountain bikes - it is possible to squeeze a mountain bike through the gate (or lift it over the gate with some help).

Getting there

The top joins ECNZ pylon road just under 0.3km west of the top of Upper Fitzherbert, or about 2km north of Konini Firebreak along ECNZ pylon road. There are two alternative entry points off ECNZ pylon road, just 50m apart.

The bottom is at the end of Summit Road, just above Farrelly Grove.




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