Car Parts


Car Parts


Hawkins Hill, Wellington, New Zealand


A flowing twisty single track through a tunnel of regenerating scrub below the Brooklyn wind turbine.




Bike, one-way down hill


From the wind turbine you drop down a short slope to the start of the single track. Immediately below the car park, heading off towards Hawkins Hill, is Car Parts Extension.

Car Parts then enters the bush and is narrow and nearly all downhill with one short uphill section that cannot be coasted up. At the top of this there is a blue refrigerator, but no time for refreshments as it's all downhill from here to the end.

The track suddenly emerges from the bush at a grassy area next to the sealed road. Cross here to join the Fenceline track. Or there is a short zig zag across the grass to the next corner on the sealed road if you want to carry on to Brooklyn.

The track has a base of gravel and rock with a rich dark dirt cover and can get very messy when wet. Due to the close bush cover and south-east aspect this track takes a long time to dry out and can stay wet for most of the winter. There are good views over Wellington and harbour from the top, and even some glimpses of the Kaikoura mountains.

Since the completion of Windmill this track is one-way downhill.

Getting there

The entrance is directly across the car park at the Brooklyn wind turbine and adjacent to the eastern end of Car Parts Extension which continues southwest towards Hawkins Hill.

The exit pops out of the bush where the sealed road meets the Fenceline track for the first time when coming up. There is an opening in the fence between the Fenceline and the sealed road, and Car Parts is directly across from this.

Other notes

Be wary of vehicles when exiting the lower end, it can be particularly busy on weekends.

This track is popular with the shuttle crowd as you can drive to the top.




Single track


gain7m loss84m begin376m end299m

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