Puketiro Road


Puketiro Road


Akatarawa Forest, Wellington, New Zealand


Main forest road from Cooks Road to the top of Puketiro Loop.




Bike and Foot


From Cooks Road continue climbing up hill at an initial 15-20% gradient. By the time you've travelled for 2km the gradient has subsided to around 10% and at that point the road becomes undulating rather than constantly up.

Wander along the ridgeline, noting the numerous side tracks and occasional hints of singletrack. Only a few of the diversions are signposted, that is: Dick's Yard, "Curtis Flat" (off the apex of a corner next to a recently constructed radio mast), "Blow Fly Road" (0.4km from the western end), and "M.O.T Block" at the last Y-intersection (heading left, to the southwest).

As you approach the end of the track there is a large sign, at the base of the last hill, that says "Battle Hill farm forest park". At the Y-intersection just before the sign, turn right past the faded map board. Less than 0.2km further along is the top of Puketiro Loop, where it diverges off the road and up to near the summit - from which the views over Battle Hill and beyond are absolutely stunning.

Getting there

Eastern end is at an intersection with Cooks Road and Clearys Road.

Western end is at the apex of Puketiro Loop (the northern half of which is actually a continuation of Puketiro Road).

Other notes

Puketiro Road appears to be a route used by logging trucks, so beware.




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