Pinehaven Ridge


Pinehaven Ridge


Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Bush clad climb along a ridge overlooking Pinehaven.




Bike and Foot


Heading up from the intersection with Goodwin Drive and Kiln, the track is initially steep with a deeply rutted clay surface.

As shown on the map, after just 0.15km you'll encounter a Y-intersection. The left-hand branch is flatish and looks inviting, while the right-hand branch heads up a steep and rutted track. Take your pick: the left-hand branch is initially easy but at the apex turns into a steep and deeply rutted climb; the right-hand branch is initially a steep and deeply rutted climb and then gets flatter. The right-hand branch is probably slightly easier. The alternatives rejoin 0.25km up the right-hand branch.

Around 1.1km from the start you'll meet a T-intersection. Turn right uphill, since the left-hand branch ends 0.1km downhill (as shown on the map). From this intersection to the large clearing at the top the track surface is more of a forestry road, being generally much firmer and smoother.

If heading down from the large forestry clearing, it might be easier to get confused by the several tracks that branch off this one. In most cases the way to go is fairly obvious - just stick to the main road. However, there are a couple of intersections to note:

About 0.3km from the top there is a Y-intersection. Take the right-hand road that heads slightly down (rather than heading up to the left).

About 1.7km from the top there is a track that branches off at 90 degrees to the left while what appears to be the main track continues straight ahead and slightly down (this is the T-intersection 1.1km from the bottom, as mentioned above). The straight ahead track actually ends 0.1km further along in a circular clearing. If you end up there, then backtrack and take the other branch.

Getting there

Starts at an intersection with Goodwin Drive and Kiln, above the Silverstream railway museum.

Ends at a large forestry clearing, where it meets ECNZ pylon road, Kingsley, and several other tracks.

Other notes

The stated track length includes the alternative path and the deadend section. If you stick to the main track then the length is 2.8km.





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