Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Fairly easy entry to the northern sector of the eastern Hutt hills, from the top of Kingsley Street.




Bike and Foot


From the steel gate at the top of Kingsley Street follow the gravel road around to the south. After just 60m there is another pair of steel gates - jump over the lower gate (the other goes up to a water reservoir) and continue along the gravel road.

Almost 1km from the start there is a Y-intersection which has a very wide gravel road heading down the hill and a narrower 4wd track heading up the hill. As of July 2009 the wide road was blocked by a deliberately placed log. Take the narrower track up the hill.

The track gets progressively narrower, eventually turning into single track around 0.4km from the top. At that point there is an overgrown track that heads down the hill towards the southwest (on your right when ascending) - it is a deadend pylon access road, so take the singletrack on your left.

The top 50m of this track was destroyed by logging operations which created a clearing at the intersection of Wheeler's Way and Pinehaven Ridge. In making the clearing, a large amount of tree debris and dirt was pushed into what used to be the top of this track, forming an insurmountable wall. For a while there was a rope tied to a large tree to assist with climbing up the 2m high bank. However, that access was covered by further forestry work and now (as at July 2009), you'll need to climb up a 3m high near-vertical dirt bank – which is quite a difficult scramble with a bike.

The following video is shot in the downhill direction towards Stokes Valley

Getting there

Starts from the end of Kingsley Street.

Ends in a large clearing at the intersection of several other tracks, including Wheeler's Way and Pinehaven Ridge. If you're in the clearing, then to find where the track enters the treeline look towards the west and there is a small dip in the dirt edge next to a couple of possum control posters stapled to a tree.





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