Valley View Road


Valley View Road (Three Skulls Road)


Akatarawa Forest, Wellington, New Zealand


Forestry Road from suburban Upper Hutt into the heart of the Akatarawa Forest.




Bike and Foot


Valley View Road is one of the several official entrances to the Akatarawa Forest – though it is unclear if the Totara Park entrance is currently open (see the note below). In any case, several other tracks lead to Valley View Road, including Cannon Point Road, Cannon Point Walkway, and McGhies.

The initial climb up from Totara Park is quite steep. From there, the road traverses a narrow ridge that connects Cannon Point with the northern (and larger) part of the Valley View Forest Block. There the road heads northeast along another ridge.

At a T-intersection with Lindsay's Road (which continues straight ahead), the road turns left and drops down a steep section to end in a large clearing where it meets McGhies and the bottom of Woolshed Road.

There are several singletracks and small access track branching off Valley View Road. However, the Valley View Forest Block is reaching maturity and is progressively being cleared. Therefore, those tracks are unlikely to survive much longer.

The following video was taken following the road from North to South.

Getting there

Starts off Totara Park Road. The Awakairangi Park track, which is part of the Hutt River Trail, runs past the Totara Park Road end.

Ends at a three-way intersection with McGhies and Woolshed Road.

Other notes

From time to time there are logging trucks operating in the plantation areas of the Akatarawa Forest. The trucks may use the Totara Park Road entrance of Valley View Road, so watch out for the trucks and other machinery.

The northern section of this track forms part of the Karapoti Challenge course.




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