Tawa Singletrack


Tawa Singletrack


Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand


Swooping singletrack along the paper road portion of Ohariu Road.




Bike and Foot


Although this track is never much more than 300m from houses, there is quite a sense of being in the middle of nowhere as you swoop down through the forest. From the ridge there are glimpses of Tawa through the trees towards the east, but just ignore them and enjoy the ride. This sense of isolation is heightened as you drop into a seemingly secluded valley - until you suddenly emerge into a suburban street.

Some sections of track are fairly steep and lack a firm surface. Of greater concern is the rickety old gate and couple of large trees across the track at head height. Beware.

UPDATE: The section of track from the rickety gate down to Kiwi Crescent is on private land. The landowners have said we are not allowed to ride there. However, the forest before that is council land which we are allowed on.

UPDATE 2: As at June 2011, the gate halfway down appears to open now. This may indicate a change in access.

NOTE that access to Spicer Forest ridge-line is currently closed to the public - see notes on Spicer Forest track page.

Getting there

Branch off Broken Hill in a dip just before the final small hill on that track. The western end of the rubbish dump is clearly visible (but will be directly behind you) at the trail-head. The entry point is becoming more obvious with use, but if you miss it and instead meet the intersection with Spicer Forest, then backtrack 0.2km and have another go.

After a romp through the forest wilderness, the track stops at a rickety gate on a downhill. Do not go past the gate - it is private land (ref UPDATE 2 above).




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