Broken Hill


Broken Hill


Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand


Climb up to the Spicer Forest from the Broken Hill landfill.




Bike and Foot


This track climbs up a ridge into the Spicer Forest. Along the way it passes the northern end of Tawa Singletrack, which branches off into the forest from a dip in the track just before the last small hill.

If you continue to the end of this track you'll meet the Spicer Forest track, which continues through to the end of Ohariu Road.

Getting there

The entry climbs up to the plateau via a steep grass covered gas pipeline right-of-way from the end of Chastudon Place.

The entry from Broken Hill Rd (next to Poly Palace) has been closed off.

The western end of this track meets Spicer Forest in an open field in the middle of nowhere.

NOTE that access into Spicer Forest is currently closed to the public - see notes on Spicer Forest track page.

Other notes

Parts of the track are surrounded by rubbish that has blown into the area from the adjacent landfill. Not the most pleasant of environments.




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