Old Coach Road


Old Coach Road


Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand


Historic connection between Ohariu Valley and Johnsonville.




Bike and Foot


At the end of Old Coach Road, follow the double track that goes up to a small park at the end of Carmichael Street. Along the way you'll pass a short connection that drops down a bunch of steps to Flinders Place.

From Carmichael Street, follow the track up and around the head of the valley to a saddle point overlooking Ohariu Valley. It is from this point that Kau Kau heads up the grassy slope.

As you start the descent into Ohariu Valley the track becomes a 4x4 road. After winding its way down the hill, at a fairly easy grade of around 7%, the track ends when it meets Rifle Range Road.

Getting there

The eastern end continues on from the end of the sealed part of Old Coach Road. Alternatively, join the track from the end of Carmichael Street.

The western end adjoins Rifle Range Road.

Other notes

From the end of Rifle Range Road there is a sealed road that goes to the summit of Mount Kau Kau. This road is on private property and is not open to the public.

This track follows part of the original coach route into Wellington. Another section still exists through the Belmont Regional Park, called OCR Belmont.





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