Magic Carpet


Magic Carpet


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


Interesting and flatish amble parallel to Tower 19 Connector, ending at the Skills Area.




Bike and Foot


This is a seemingly seldom used, but interesting, little track that provides a nice alternative to the Tower 19 Connector 4wd road.

The track undulates up and down a few metres, with enough of a gradient to provide a test of skill in wet conditions, yet without being a strenuous workout. As such, this is a good track for practicing a bit of bike control while on your way to the Skills Area for more extensive training.

When heading from north to south, the first exit will place you at the top of the Skills Area's jumps. If you'd prefer a more sedate entry to the Skills Area, then continue along the track down a twisty chute and turn left when you reach the 4wd Tower 19 Connector.

Along Magic Carpet and into the Skills Area

Getting there

Northern end is on Tower 19 Connector, next to the top of Comms Connector and about 80m south of the intersection of Koru, Lazy Fern, and other tracks.

Southern end has two exits – the first is to the top of the Skills Area, while the other rejoins Tower 19 Connector a few metres north of a link from Koru to the Skills Area.

Other notes

This track is one-way only, towards the Skills Area.




Single track

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