Duck Creek


Duck Creek


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Gravel road from Takapu sub-station to intersection with Belmont Road and Hill Road.




Bike and Foot (No bikes in the middle section)


From the Takapu Road information board, follow the gravel road around the sub-station to an intersection. Duck Creek goes down the hill, while the track on the right will take you to the bottom of Takapu Ridge.

Continue down and then up the gravel road until you encounter a small stand of trees at an intersection with Maara Roa and Cannons Head. There is a sign on the left indicating that bikes may proceed no further, so if you're on a bike then either return the same way or head up one of the adjoining tracks.

Otherwise, continue down the hill then turn up the main farm road to the airstrip - which marks the end of OCR Belmont.

Continue along the road to just past the gas station where there is a major intersection with Belmont Road and Hill Road. Bikes are permitted on this final section from the airstrip.

Getting there

Starts at the information shelter 0.1km north of Takapu sub-station, at the end of Takapu Road.

Ends at the intersection with Belmont Road and Hill Road.

Other notes

The map shows the track divided into three sections: bikes may be ridden on the western (Takapu) and eastern (airstrip) sections. Bikes are prohibited on the middle section as it is the main farm access road for vehicles and livestock.




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