Maara Roa


Maara Roa


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Branch off Cannons Creek that goes around the north-eastern side of the Maara Roa restoration project to Duck Creek.




Bike and Foot


From the Cannons Creek plateau, drop down the track indicated by a sign that says "Hill Road" (though getting to Hill Road by bike requires traversing several tracks, specifically: Maara Roa, Cannons Head, Dress Circle, Round Knob, and OCR Belmont).

The northern half of the track climbs quite steeply up a farm track. At the top of the climb, go through a gate and proceed straight ahead across open pasture and through the gap in the hills. Then tend around towards the right and follow the fence line to a white post in the distance. From there, the track drops down to Duck Creek, just south of a small stand of trees.

At the summit, where the track crosses a ridge via a saddle point, Waihora Park branches off heading northeast, initially running almost parallel with the transmission pylons that run along the ridge line.

Getting there

The northern end branches off Cannons Creek where it briefly reaches a plateau.

The southern end forms an intersection with Duck Creek and Cannons Head.

Other notes

See the Friends of Maara Roa for more information.




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