Dress Circle


Dress Circle


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Hilltop romp from Round Knob to Belmont Trig via Cannons Head.




Bike and Foot


This track more-or-less traverses the ridgeline all the way from Round Knob through to Belmont Trig, summiting several hills including Cannons Head.

Although there are no big climbs or descents on this track, there is a series of small hills. When travelling from north to south the cumulative altitude gain is about 200m - even though the two track ends differ in altitude by less than 40m.

Most of the track surface consists of hard-packed dirt and rock, with a fair amount of grass covering in many places.

There are several exits from this track. At the northern end is Round Knob. At or near the southern end is: Belmont Trig, Belmont Trig South, and Horokiwi Bridleway. Along the way you could also take: Cannons Head, Middle Ridge, or Takapu Ridge.

Getting there

Northern end is at the western side of Round Knob.

Southern end is just below the summit of Belmont Trig.

Other notes

Much of this track is fully exposed to the wind from every direction, so prepare accordingly.




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