Belmont Trig South


Belmont Trig South


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Very steep drop down the southern side of Belmont Trig.




Bike and Foot


This is a difficult track that winds its way along a ridge to the south of Belmont Trig. The surface mostly consists of either smooth clay or rough rocks except for a pleasant, though short, forest section.

The most common approach to this track is to start from the summit of Belmont Trig. From there, the track quickly drops 390m in altitude down to the floor of Horokiwi Valley.

Like many hills in the area, this one gets progressively steeper as it approaches the valley. In this case, that means an average grade of 15% for the upper sections and more like 25% for the lower sections. Consequently, with a rough rock and clay surface, the last 0.4km section just above Baked Beans Bend is either a challenging descent or a demanding climb depending on which way you're going.

Belmont Trig South is most commonly used as part of a loop that may include Belmont Trig or Dress Circle, leading to an exit from the Belmont Regional Park via Baked Beans Bend and Cornish Street.

Getting there

From the summit of Belmont Trig, go through the wooden gate 20m south of the trig marker.

At the base of the hill, the track meets Baked Beans Bend and Horokiwi Valley.




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