Baked Beans Bend


Baked Beans Bend


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Wet and wild connector from Cornish Street to the clearing known as Baked Beans Bend.




Bike and Foot


This track follows a creek up the Horokiwi Valley to the clearing known as Baked Beans Bend. There isn't a lot of flow to this track, given its technical sections and many creek crossings.

Depending on how they are counted, there are about nine unbridged creek crossings on this short track, some of which are only a few metres apart. Provided that the water level is low, it is possible to ride or use stepping stones across the creek crossings without getting wet feet - but don't count on it. One of the crossings is via a log which has been shaved to provide a flat top, which is rather tricky if carrying a bike.

Getting there

Turn off Cornish Street at a T-intersection marked by a large log with "Trig" carved into it.

The end of the track is at Baked Beans Bend, where it meets Belmont Trig South and Horokiwi Valley.

Other notes

Camping is permitted at Baked Beans Bend. See the Greater Wellington Regional Council for details.

Log Bridge, Tricky

Log Bridge




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