Horokiwi Bridleway


Horokiwi Bridleway


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Extremely steep track from Horokiwi Road to near the summit of Belmont Trig.




Bike and Foot


This is a track of two halves. From Horokiwi Road, the western half drops down a steep 4x4 track to the floor of Horokiwi Valley. The eastern half is an extremely steep climb to near the summit of Belmont Trig (though probably best done as a challenging descent).

In terms of track surface, the halves are also quite different. The western half used to be narrow almost to the point of resembling singletrack, but has been opened up to be more of a 4x4 track. Substantial realignment work was done in late 2008 to bypass the steepest parts. Apart from a short bush section at the top, the eastern half is either rocky singletrack or concealed by long grass.

Beware of the extremely steep grassy sections on the eastern half. The average slope down that part of the track is in excess of 30%, with some sections being even steeper. The surface under the long grass is uneven with hidden holes, bumps, and rocks.

Getting there

The western end drops off the side of Horokiwi Road about 0.2km before it turns around under the transmission line. The top of the track is clearly sign posted, about 0.2km along the unsealed part of Horokiwi Road. The top of the Grenada North track is about 0.9km south on Horokiwi Road.

The eastern end of this track meets Belmont Trig just below the summit, about 50m south-west of Dress Circle's southern end.

Other notes

About 40% of the eastern half coincides with Honeysuckle Ridge track, which was constructed to bypass the steepest parts of this track.

This track finally deviates from Honeysuckle Ridge at an S-bend in Honeysuckle Ridge just after it has passed through the fence a few times. Horokiwi Bridleway continues as a barely discernable track down a ridge towards a grassy knoll that has an orange track marker on it. Honeysuckle Ridge follows a different ridge to the south.




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