Patna Street


Patna Street


Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand


Easy walking track with good views over Awarua Street






This used to be an old farm track connecting Patna Street to the end of Awarua Street. It became overgrown with gorse, but recently the track has been cleared and is now a good option for walkers doing loop walks around Ngaio or as an alternative for walkers of the Northern Walkway.

Starting at the Awarua Street end, going up the hill from the end of Awarua Street the track is signposted to the left after about 50 metres. There is a gentle incline up to an easy style over the fence, then the track continues around the side of the hill. Just before you reach Patna Street there is an old rustic farm building with rusty iron roof. There are some reasonable views over Ngaio and looking up to Mt Kaukau along the route.

Drainage has been put in so it is no longer as muddy in places after rain.

Getting there

End of Awarua Street, or at the intersection of Patna and Heke Streets. From the Patna Street end note that the track is the dirt one to the left of the sealed driveway which is private property.




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