Mt Herepai


Mt Herepai


North Wairarapa, Wairarapa, New Zealand


A good day hike up to the ridge


IntermediateSteep in places




Mt Herepai is located in the Northern Wairarapa, and is situated on the Haukura Ridge. The track begins at the road end and makes its way along the river for just over a kilometer. The climb starts at the second river crossing. The climb to the ridge is constant and rooted. Its not too steep. The ridge has a signpost and here at 770m turn right and make your way along a good ridge path to the Hut. Notice the sign with the tree bottles as you make your way down to the saddle. Its then a sharp climb up 100m (height) to the hut.

From the hut make your way north towards the ridge. This is a steep climb up to 900m in the forest before heading out above the tree line. The path remains difficult as the is plenty of tussock grass hiding the way forward and the path remains up hill. Water is available at the hut. Allow 7 hours in good summer conditions. In poor conditions it will take longer.

Getting there

The path starts about 20 minutes from Mt Bruce.

Other notes

This path goes above the treeline and is very exposed to bad weather. Tramping in the Tararuas requires proper preparation - take adequate food and water, warm and waterproof clothing, and sun protection in summer. And advise someone of your intentions.

Reasonable cellphone coverage along this route once on the ridge, including Herepai Hut and the top of Mountain.




Single track


gain1215m loss1215m begin340m end340m

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