Trickle Falls


Trickle Falls (Tricky Falls)


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


Honest technical downhill with some drops and jumps. Can all be rolled over with care. When ridden at modest speed provides a good flowing single track.




Bike and Foot


This is probably the most technical track in the park (sometimes that honour goes to Vertigo when it's been wet). It descends for most of the height of the Peak. A nice mixture of flowing single track with natural rock jumps, and squiggly bush shenanigans. Some rocky sections and some clay.

Getting there

From the summit head down Snake Charmer to the north. The entrance is well marked on the right about 100 metres from the summit. You can also exit Zac's Track about 1/4 of the way down via a 10 metre grassy slope – near a section of flax.

Other notes

Built by Ricky "Slackboy" Pincott and friends 2002-2003.

This track has changed a lot over the years. In the early days the final rocky drop into the stream was the crux of the track but now it's pretty straight forward. Then up until May 08 the very top left-hander was a gotcha, especially when dry. Now that has been tidied nicely. Currently the most technical section is provided as an option (marked with triple-x sign, about 0.5km from the top) with a decent rocky exit drop that has next to no run-out before you make a sharp right hander. One for the experts methinks.




Single track

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