Mt Wainui


Mt Wainui


Akatarawa Forest, Wellington, New Zealand


Bush tramp to trig 722 metres above the Kapiti Coast






The route isn't steep, but is nevertheless quite a tough side-trip off Campbell's Mill road. It is shown on the Akatarawa Forest maps, but the directions are not good so I hope this helps. It is a 6 hour round trip starting from either Whareroa Farm or the start of Campbell's Mill Road.

Go south down Campbell's Mill Road until the large Campell's Mill Road sign at the entrance to the Whakatiki Forest. Instead of continuing to Hydro Valley Road and Titi Road, soon after you go through the gate to Whakatiki Forest take the side track to the right which leads west near the edge of the fenceline inside the forest. There is also a track on the farmland side of the fenceline which will end up at the same junction for going up Mt Wainui, but there is a sign saying private property on the farmland side of the fence. The track through the forest is used by motorbikes and quad bikes, and you may have to take alternate routes amongst the trees to avoid very deep muddy spots.

Looking up to Mt Wainui Looking up to Mt Wainui

The track rises to about 400 m, then descends to about 340 m and there is junction in an open area with a large wooden gate and small stockyard structure on the right. There used to be a track up through the trees but there are now many fallen trees so that it is nearly impossible to navigate. I suggest you cross the stockyard structure and go up the fenceline adjacent to the forest, directly uphill. At the top there is a gate on the left to the forest, and a farm track leading off to the right up the hill which soon takes you to the start of the Mt Wainui trig track through the bush.

You can enter the Mt Wainui track either at the top of the hill (look for a white ribbon tied to the fenceline), or the proper entrance is about 20 metres downhill from the top. You have to cross the fence. There are no signposts, but the entrance is reasonably obvious, and you will be following pink ribbons from here.

The track through the bush is narrow, but obvious is most places. Watch for the plentiful orange triangles (the triangles are more obvious on the return trip downhill). It is easy to lose the track in places. The gradient is reasonably gentle (you are rising from about 400 m to 722 m at the top). There is a lot of cutty grass on the track, and in summer the grass with spores that stick to your legs so long trousers or gaiters would be useful. It too muddy along most of the length, but can be damp and slippery. There is a trig at the top with some good views, and a couple of viewing spots on the way.

View from the top of Mt Wainui View from Mt Wainui

Getting there

Most walkers would start either in Whareroa Farm and walk up and along Campbell's Mill Road, or at the end of Campbell's Mill Road at Maungakotukutuku Road. The track to Mt Wainui begins by forking left as you enter Whakatiki Forest from Campbell's Mill Road.

Other notes

This is a reasonable tramp; prepare appropriately for a 6 hour round trip. Total elevation climb for the return from/to Whareroa Farm is 1000m. The bush route to the summit is for walkers only.




Single track


gain322m begin400m end722m

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