Bull Run


Bull Run (The Bull Run)


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Advanced down hill track from Bull-a-Varde, off OCR Belmont to the southern end of Hill Road.


Intermediate (Down hill only) GRADE 3


Bike and Foot, off Bull-a-Varde


After dropping off the side of Bull-a-Varde, this track weaves its way down a bush-clad valley. Along the way there are plenty of twists and turns so there isn't much opportunity to admire the rugged scenery. Although there are a few places along the way where you may stop and view over the Western Hills towards Haywards etc.

This track is a Grade 3 down hill only, with a gradient average of around 12% and occasional drops, steps, and other challenging turns and features are included.

It is best enjoyed whilst dry! Note the top section can be Very Wet underfoot at times due to its location and dense bush cover.

The Mid section sees you twisting through Fern and Mahoe. There is a large "rock garden" like feature prior to a small up hill section followed once again by another downhill section which is mostly in the open and consists of clay with tight turns with many berms.

Getting there

Start is near the midway point of Bull-a-Varde.

Bottom is just below car park at the start of Hill Road.

OPTION 1: Start from OCR OCR Belmont and ride along until you get to Bull-a-Varde, then climb Bull-a-Varde until Bull Run on your left. Note however once at the end the quickest way to return to OCR Belmont is to make a loop through the park via Hill Road and Hill Road Shortcut.

OPTION 2: Park at the bottom of Bull Run at Belmont,Hill Road car Park. Head up Hill Road until you get to the 1ST gate on your left AFTER the Farm house. Take Hill Road Shortcut and join back up to OCR Belmont

Head in a south direction along OCR until reaching the Bull-a-Varde. Ride up until reaching the start of Bull Run, then down until back at Hill Road car park.

Other notes

Built by BAMBA, starting in late 2011 and completed Dec 2013.

To help with other track construction in the park, see the the BAMBA events calendar or BAMBA Facebook page for track building sessions.




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