Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Connection from OCR Belmont to Sweetacres, avoiding an especially steep section of Sweetacres.


Easy (bordering on Intermediate)


Bike and Foot


The western end of this track starts with a set of climbing switchbacks.

The track crosses a saddle point between two hills: Sweetacres goes around the southern side of one hill, while the view point spur of Hill Road Views ends is at a prominent power pylon directly north of the saddle point.

Near the midway point of this track the more advanced Bull Run track dives off down a valley towards Hill Road.

After traversing a sharp ridge, the track rolls up and down fairly sharply. Finally, it sweeps down to meet Sweetacres near another saddle point.

The track's name was inspired by the large bull that took up residence during construction.

Getting there

Western end is on OCR Belmont between the top of Danzig and the western end of Sweetacres. If you're climbing up Danzig, then at the top turn right and cruise along OCR Belmont for about 50m, then turn left into the zig-zag climbing section of this track.

Eastern end meets Sweetacres part way along, at a fairly flat section.

Other notes

Built by BAMBA in 2011.




Single track

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