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Suburbans parks and a route joining Woodburn Reserve to Colonial Knob






As well as being an interesting walk through parks in Tawa, this route serves as a connection between Spicer Forest and Colonial Knob via Chastudon and Fyvie Av steps to Wilf Mexted Reserve; and hence to Woodburn Reserve and potentially on to Belmont Regional Park via Takapu Road.

Beginning at the entrance to Wilf Mexted Reserve, cross Collins Av and go up the no-exit Peckham Grove which is almost opposite Wilf Mexted. Near the end of the no-exit drive is a sealed track leading down to the left into a small park area. Cross the park to Raroa Terrace and walk south along the road to Greenacres school. Follow the sealed road through Greenacres school past the buildings and down towards the playing fields. A well defined gravel based track leads off the sealed road up to the left to a small green field. From here there is an alternate entrance from Woodman Drive. Cross the field and follow the grassy track past the back gardens of the houses to a junction where there is a pedestrian walkway joining Woodman Drive to Spicer Place. Go to Spicer Place and turn right at Lupin Terrace. Walk to Allen Terrace and go left. As the road descends there is a large sign for the playing fields beside the motorway. Follow the sealed track towards the playing fields and continue down to the tunnel beneath the motorway. Veer to the right as you emerge from the tunnel and walk along the side of Tawa College (do not exit at Ranui Terrace) up to Duncan Street where the walkway emerges near a pedestrian crossing. Turn right up Duncan Street and then left in to McLellan Street, cross the railway lines, and across a small stream near the Main Road at Tawa. Fyvie Av steps in directly across the road.

Getting there

Several entrances along Woodburn Drive near Wilf Mexted Reserve.

Other notes

Some of the grassy fields can be boggy after rain.

Thanks to Danger Mouse from Tawa for the local information on this route.




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