Whareroa Farm


Whareroa Farm


Queen Elizabeth Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Walking, cycling and horse riding trails on the Maungakotukutuku side of QE II park.




Bike and Foot


This old sheep and beef farm was opened to the public in April 2011. There are a number of trails to suit different types of people. Some tracks are still being developed but the facilities (signage, toilets, etc.) are all in place.

The trail below shows the main loop from the carpark off SH1 to Campbell's Mill Road, and the hill route can be cycled joining Campbell's Mill Road to QE II park. There are cycle pass-throughs at most gates, except for the top at Campbell's Mill Road.

Starting from the carpark there is a large information display. The main route is about 20 metres to the right, and there is a sealed walkway beside a stream directly behind the information area and toilets. The stream loop walk leads through to the main track which is a wide 4WD farm track. About 1 km down this route the track forks - the left (horse riding track) is relatively flat for about 2 km following the stream, and can be muddy in places after rain. Eventually it becomes narrower and winds up the hill with good views back down the valley. A few metres from the gate at Campbell's Mill Road the track forks off down the ridge (cycling track) to complete the loop. Gorse obscures the view in some places, but the track is wide and easy.

The Dell is signposted a few metres before the uphill cycle track. This is a short loop to a quiet, shady spot which may be a good picnic spot on a sunny day.

The link tracks are still being constructed along the ridge in the centre of the loop, and these should be open to the public in due course. They offer a gentler climb and better views over the valley.

For a longer walk (13.4 km) turn left at the top on to Campbell's Mill Road to Mangakotukutuku Valley Road, then down Waterfall Road and Emerald Glen loop road back to the farm. Allow 2 - 3 hours for a return walk - 30 to 45 minutes to walk from the car-park to Campbell's Mill Road; 30 - 45 minutes to Mangakotukutuku Valley Road; then 60 - 90 minutes back via Waterfall and Emerald Glen Road (8 km). Another longer walk for fit trampers, once you reach Campbell's Mill Road, is to turn right (south) and do Mt Wainui. Allow 6 hours for a round trip walk from Whareroa Farm to Mt Wainui trig and back.

Whareroa Farm view

There are plans for additional longer walks, including a track following the stream near the cairn track up the valley to join up with Campbell's Mill Road about half an hours walk from the junction at the top of the current loop walk. This track can be attempted (and is shown on the map below). There is an unmarked track leading left about 50 metres before reaching The Dell. This wide mown track goes along flat land and past a large concrete reservoir. From there follow the fenceline up the ridge. People do walk it, but in summer the grass can be quite long (waist high!). The gate an Campbells Mill road is overgrown, but it is easy to jump over the fence. There is a wooden marker post nearby, but no other formal indication of where an official track will be created. The climb is about 300 metres.

Getting there

Turn off SH1 at the QE II turnoff on SH1 north of Paekakariki. If driving north you need to turn right and go under SH1 to get to the carpark.

Other notes

There are toilet facilities in the carpark. More information at the DoC site.

To get to Queen Elizabeth Park follow the road to the roundabout and under SH1. This road has relatively little traffic - there is no need to attempt to cross SH1!




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