Waitangirua Ridge


Waitangirua Ridge


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Grassy ridgeline alternative to the top part of Hill Road.




Bike and Foot


For most of its length this track has a grassy surface. Combining the occasional herd of cattle with a bit of rain makes for a challenging mix of deep mud and "landmines". At a saddle point there's a gate that is especially prone to extreme muckiness – best to jump the fence to avoid that area.

Although this track can be ridden in either direction, it is easier as a descent from Belmont Road, providing an alternative to the upper parts of Hill Road. If climbing from Hill Road, the initial climb isn't as steep as it looks, though some parts further up are a bit steeper.

Getting there

The northern (top) end of the track heads up between the radio masts from the intersection of Hill Road, Belmont Road, and Duck Creek. An alternative entry is down Belmont Road, almost 0.3km east of the intersection.

The southern (bottom) end of the track is about 0.8km from the bottom of Hill Road, at a sign-posted track on the eastern side of the road.

Other notes

At the top of the hill is a collection of radio masts, each of which has its own fenced-off area. Further up there is a trig marker, though the track goes around the hill rather than up to the summit.




Double track

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