Southern Suburbs, Wellington, New Zealand


Connection from the top of the Tawatawa Reserve to Happy Valley Road.




Bike and Foot and horses


This multi-use track provides a connection from the top of the Tawatawa Reserve to Happy Valley Road near the bottom of the Tip Track. Since the track is in a designated horse grazing area, leased to the Wellington City Light Horse Club, expect to encounter horses along with the usual walkers and runners.

Parts of the track appear to have been built on old farm tracks, which tend to be quite challenging to climb. Overall the track has a moderately steep average gradient of 9%, though some short sections are much steeper. Overall the track surface is firm and wide with good sight lines, though there are some tight switchbacks near the bottom.

The track is named after the Wharangi tree – a native shrub that grows on the other side of the Tawatawa ridge. There are plans to plant some Wharangi on the western side of the ridge to help re-establish more native plants.

Getting there

Top is on Tawatawa Ridge, near the City to Sea walkway. Go up a short section of track off the southern end of Quebec Street, then turn right onto an open grassy area – at the western end is a gate, which is the top of this track.

Bottom is on Happy Valley Road, at a gate opposite Carlucci Land near the spider sculpture – about 0.4km north of the bottom of the Tip Track.

Other notes

Near the top of this track it is worthwhile taking a short excursion to the Bruce Stewart sculpture "Heroes On The Hill".

This track was constructed in Q1 2011.




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