Bing Mexted


Bing Mexted


Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand


Optional extension to Wilf Mexted Reserve along a well formed ridge track to Bing Lucas Reservoir






This is a relatively new track leading off from the top of the short loop walk in Wilf Mexted Reserve. It is not yet signposted at either end, but the track is clearly marked. As it leads off from Wilf Mexted Reserve it is wide and a gentle gradient up the hill. The banks have been cut so the track is flat and there are no steps. The track goes through bush for about 600 metres, then emerges on to the grassy hillsides and finally emerges at the end of Bing Lucas drive beside gates that lead up to the Bing Lucas Reservoir.

If you start walking down from the top of Bing Lucas Drive, follow the narrow but deeply formed track through the grass for a few hundred metres, taking the track as it veers to the right downhill towards the gorse bushes (rather than continuing along the ridgeline at the top of the hills). There doesn't appear to be a track but don't worry! There is a good track through the gorse bushes.

A newer track has been cut leading off to the right shortly after leaving the Wilf Mexted reserve loop. The new track has good views north over Linden and Tawa.

This track is still in the process of being developed by Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves with assistance from the Lions Club of Tawa. When the new western leg is completed, the older eastern leg will be discontinued as under the proposed subdivision of the top end of Bing Lucus Drive it will traverse private land.

UPDATE Feb 2013. Access at the top of the new track to/from Bing Lucas Drive may be closed and is still subject to completion by the subdivision developer. Access will not be available while subdivision earthworks are being undertaken.

Getting there

You can park at the end of Bing Lucas Drive, or begin by doing the Wilf Mexted Reserve loop off Woodman Drive.

Other notes

The track is not yet signposted and still under development. This track is intended for walkers only.

Thanks to Danger Mouse for info on these routes.




Single track


gain83m begin127m end210m

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