Mt Bates


Mt Bates


Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island, New Zealand


Hiking tracks in Norfolk Island National Park around the peaks of Mt Pitt and Mt Bates






A good place to begin these walks is from the carpark at the top of Mt Pitt (320 metres). From here a well formed track goes across the ridge to Mt Bates, which is slightly higher (321 metres). Both peaks provide excellent views across the island and have seats and lookout points with information. The track from Mt Pitt begins with a wood walkway area, which is VERY SLIPPY when wet.

From Mt Bates you can continue across the ridge to Red Road (Bird Rock). Near the Red Road junction there is a no-exit Marshes Road track. Currently this is uninteresting but may be developed in the future (perhaps a return look from Captain Cook monument).

Halfway between Mt Bate and the Red Road track is the Palm Glen circuit. This is a pleasant walk, which you can also begin from the end of the Selwyn Pine Road. Note that the last kilometre of this road is unsealed and only suitable for driving during dry weather. There is a large grassy picnic area at the Selwyn Pine Road end, with an easy circular walk and good views across the island.

An alternative track from Mt Bates is to descend along a wide 4WD road which crosses Mt Pitt Road and continue down to again join Mt Pitt Road about 1 km from the top. This is a good circular walk, but one way will involve an uphill climb! Mt Pitt Road is quite steep, requiring many of the rental cars on the island to go down in to first gear.

There is an unmarked but well formed track at the junction of the Mt Bates track with Mt Pitt Road, which heads off west along a ridge for about 1 km. This is a no-exit track, but is one of the best spots for finding the rare Norfolk Island Parakeet (about 100 birds in existence). The Mt Bates track is a good spot for Pacific Robin and Golden Whistler.

View from Mt Pitt View from Mt Pitt

Track to Mt Bates Track to Mt Bates

Palm Glen Palm Glen

Getting there

Drive north on Grassy Road out of Burnt Pine, and then follow the signs up Mount Pitt Road to the top of Mount Pitt, where there is limited parking.

You can also begin at the Palm Glen track from the end of Selwyn Pine Road (take New Cascade Road out of Burnt Pine at the Roundabout, turn left on to Je Road, and then left on to Selwyn Pine Road). Selwyn Pine road is a dry weather road.




Double track


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