Bird Rock


Bird Rock


Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island, New Zealand


Hiking tracks with coastal views in the National Park






These tracks cover the northern portion of the National Park. Although the distances are not great and the tracks wide and well-formed, it can be warm and humid on Norfolk Island and the walk does involve climbing hills (about 150 metre climb) so allow a few hours for the walk.

There is a small carpark at the end of Red Road at the entrance to the National Park. The 4WD track goes uphill from here for about 400 metres where there is another gate and junction. The no-exit McLachlan's Lane goes off to the right. At the end of this track there is another 150 metre downhill track to Dry Waterfall. Perhaps this track may be developed further in the future but currently it affords no views of the coast.

Instead of going down McLachlan's Lane, continue up the Red Road track for about 500 metres to the junction with the Mt Bates track. Head right here towards Bird Rock and Captain Cook monument. About 300 metres further along is the fork to Bird Rock. This loop is well worth taking, as there are excellent views from the cliffs of the northern coastline. There is a seat by the cliffs at Bird Rock. The loop rejoins the Bridle track about 500 metres from the first junction. The walk to Bird Rock does involve descending and ascending about 100 metres.

Captain Cook monument is about 1.5 km from Bird Rock. There is a wide track along the cliffs and excellent views of the coastline and islets. There are handrails and fences in steeper areas, and a few seats along the way for resting and admiring the view. At Captain Cook monument there is a lookout and information point, and monument near the car park.

Red Road to Captain Cook is about 1.7 km each way. The best way to do a loop walk is to go via Bird Rock, but it does mean returning the same way unless you place a car at each end. Allow 2 - 3 hours to do this walk. It adjoins the Mt Bates track.

Northern coastline Northern coastline

Captain Cook monument Captain Cook monument

Red Road forest track Red Road track

Getting there

From Burnt Pine drive north at the roundabout along New Cascade Road, and then left on to Je Road. The road goes uphill, and about 2 km from Burnt Pine turns sharply in to Red Road. At this junction is the carpark for the Red Road National Park entrance. Note that Prince Philip Drive from Cascade Bay up to Red Road is not a sealed road and should not be used in wet weather.




Double track


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