Jubilee Park


Jubilee Park


Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Series of trails in dense native bush near Hutt River between Normandale and Harbourview




Foot (Bikes permitted, just lots of steps)


A series of trails with historical and natural features close to Hutt CBD. Includes a Category 1 Historic House ("Minoh House"), remains of a settlers cottage and a fernery, streams and native bush.

There are numerous trails and loops, many more than is shown on this map. The main path and entrances are shown by the map.

The trails would make brilliant mountain biking if it were not for the occasional long flight of steps. The area is maintained by Hutt City Council however it does not appear to be kept to the same condition as some, more popularly used, walkways. This results in feeling like you are quite far from an urban area. The council lists the area as open to bikes.

Getting there

There are two entrances on Normandale Road. One, lower down, is down a public driveway sign-posted by "Minoh House", at 36 Normandale Road. The other is further up the road next to a skateboarding halfpipe in an open grass area.

The other main entrance is at the very end of Gaskill Drive, up a zigzag paved track, indicated by a Hutt City Council walkway sign.

Other notes

Map is approximate; any volunteers to contribute the full network of trails? :)




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