Panorama Pathway


Panorama Pathway


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Short track connecting Normandale and Harbourview.


Intermediate(Easy foot, Intermediate Bike)


Bike and Foot(Some steps, see below)


A short gravel track maintained by Hutt City Council. Provides a useful connection between Normandale and Harbourview, which otherwise has no roads between them. Can be used as a useful loop with Arahiwi Gully or as a means to Belmont Regional Park.

The track is consistently downhill from Normandale to Harbourview. The surface of the track is well maintained, and would not be considered steep or technical going down hill. However, a fair level of fitness would be needed to bike back up the track.

There are about a dozen steps at the Harbourview end of the track, however this is also the case with other tracks connecting these suburbs. There are a couple of other steps along the track, but those are relatively easily bypassed to their side.

Getting there

Both ends are labelled with official and distinctive Hutt City Council walkway signposts. Entry points are on the parcels of land associated with 156 Normandale Road and 97 Harbourview Road.

Other notes

Track is named Panorama Pathway in official walking/biking track literature from Hutt City Council. There is a street named Panorama Grove adjacent to the Harbourview entry to the track.

At one point this track may also forked to Westpoint Avenue, however this does not appear to be the case any more; perhaps it has overgrown or become the victim of increased housing.




Single track


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