Arahiwi Gully


Arahiwi Gully


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Useful track between two suburbs (Harbourview, Normandale) that have no road connection.




Bike and Foot


A short, well maintained walking/biking track between Arahiwi Grove and Normandale Road. This makes for a short distance connection between Melling Train Station or Lower Hutt City and the Belmont Regional Park.

Without the track or Panorama Pathway, traveling between Tirohanga/Harbourview and Normandale/Belmont/Maungaraki requires dropping 150+ meters down to the state highway and back up to the same altitude again. This is because there are no roads connecting these suburbs of the Hutt Valley.

There are about 15 steps at the Arahiwi Grove end of the track, but besides this short carry of the bike, it is a sweet short trail. After a short bridge, the track climbs somewhat on its way up to Normandale Road, but is quickly over.

Getting there

Arahiwi Grove: At the very end (top) of the street, there is an obvious gravel track with a Hutt City Council walking path sign. This is very easy to find.

Normandale Road: This is harder to find, only because this road is long, and the path is in a fairly arbitrary location, a little down the hill from Cottle Park Drive. However, there is an small official council sign labelled "Arahiwi Gr." so just keep a sharp eye out for this.

Other notes

This track has one intersection, near Arahiwi Grove, which connects to Ocean View Terrace. The track to Ocean View Tce has a lot of steps, so is only suitable for walking, and isn't shown on the map. The track was mapped via Google Earth so is an estimation only. (However the end points where they touch the roads, are very accurate)




Single track


gain30m begin200m end230m Altitude estimated via Google Earth

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