Twizel circuit


Twizel circuit


Twizel, Canterbury, New Zealand


Walking and cycling circuit round and through Twizel




Bike and Foot


This walk can be as short or as long as you like. The route below shows about one quarter of the circuit. Most of it is flat and suitable for cyclists. A good place to start is at the carpark area on Glen Lyon Road. There is access to the river from here, or you can walk left or right along the walkway. Going left you eventually exit on the Glen Lyon Road, where you then turn in to Northwestern Arch and exit from the road onto the farmland. The route below shows an exit to Rhoboro Road and follows signposted walkways through Twizel back to the large playing fields on MacKenzie Drive near the town centre. However, you can continue on the circuit which goes around the town. The full circuit is quite a long walk, but an easy cycle ride. The route shown is a good 1.5 hour walk.

There is a good view of Mt Cook (weather conditions permitting) from parts of the riverbank walkway along Glen Lyon Road. Look for a spot with a handy seat.

Twizel riverbank

Getting there

Many entry and exit points to the walkway from the outskirts of Twizel. I suggest starting at Glen Lyon Road.




Double track

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