OCR Belmont


OCR Belmont


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Continuation of the Old Coach Road through Belmont Regional Park.




Bike and Foot


A cruisy and mostly gentle entry to the Belmont Regional Park, providing access to a variety of other tracks.

Around the highest point of the track there are a couple of grassy rolling hills. The track goes straight up the hills, which are rather steep. So, as shown on the map, there are two alternative routes.

The easier alternative is to follow a 0.75km long enhanced sheep track that sidles around the eastern side of the hills. When heading north, follow the sheep track about 40m past the sign that says "Please use poled track". The sheep track is narrow, but more-or-less flat so much easier than the hills it bypasses. The sheep track rejoins the main track between a bunker and an green electrical transformer box at the intersection with Round Knob – so if heading south then veer off to the left along the sheep track at that point rather than going up the hill.

On the other hand, the views from the hill tops are spectacular and the descents are great fun. The climbs are hard work though.

The northern end of the track crosses an airstrip.

Getting there

Start from Normandale Road, which ends with a small parking area. The northern end intersects with the Duck Creek track.

Other notes

This track follows part of the original coach route into Wellington. Another section of the original Old Coach Road exists as a link between Johnsonville and Ohariu.





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