Hill Road


Hill Road


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Farm track from Hill Road into the heart of the Belmont Regional Park.




Bike and Foot


This is an easy climb from the end of Hill Road to an intersection with Belmont Road and Duck Creek, thereby providing access to other parts of the Belmont Regional Park.

There are several potential loops that include Hill Road, such as:

Hill Road – right into Belmont Road – first section of Murphys – Kilmister (which ends just above the Hill Road car park).

Hill Road – left into Duck Creek – OCR Belmont – Sweetacres (which ends 1.5km downhill from the Hill Road car park).

Hill Road – left into Duck Creek – OCR Belmont – then back to Hill Road via either Hill Road Shortcut or Hill Road Views.

Getting there

At the top of the sealed part of Hill Road is an automatic gate, followed by a short gravel section that ends in a car parking area. The track is the obvious gravel road that heads up the valley from the car park.

The top of the track is at an intersection with Duck Creek (to the west) and Belmont Road (to the east). Only 50m west of the intersection there is a gas pumping station – apparently it is normal to smell gas in that vicinity.

Other notes

It is easy to gain a lot of speed when descending the straight parts of Hill Road, so watch out for farm vehicles and other track users.




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