Bridleway - Horse Trail


Bridleway - Horse Trail


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


A gentle meander along the valley floor following a steep descent from OCR Belmont.




Bike and Foot


This is a track of two halves. The northern half is a steep 210m descent from OCR Belmont. Conversely, the southern half of the track is a gentle meander along the valley floor to the base of the Belmont Trig track.

The northern section is a very steep descent, with a gradient typically around 25%. The track surface is mostly grass, with rock and clay patches adding some technical spice. To provide a bit of variety, there are a couple of short, though very steep, up hill sections. The first ascent climbs up from a deep, dark valley that looks like it gets little or no direct sunlight during winter.

In some parts of the southern section the track is not well defined, being more open field than track as such. A couple of the creek crossings are not bridged, so can have quite deep mud at times.

Getting there

The northern end of this track is next to the farm gate across OCR Belmont.

The southern end heads up the valley from the paddock next to the Stratton Street cattle stop, at the bottom of the Belmont Trig track.

Other notes

Shared trail with horses - Trail Sharing code applies




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