Nikau Valley


Nikau Valley


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


Narrow and technically challenging single track from Leaping Lizard to Missing Link.


Intermediate (or Advanced when wet)


Bike and Foot


This track drops off the Leaping Lizard ridge down into a deep valley, providing an interesting loop up to Missing Link.

Most of the track is narrow, with various technical challenges along the way, including: steep rutted sections, rocky bits, and off-camber corners. In several places there are sheer drop-offs to the side, some of which are obscured by the dense regenerating bush.

After dropping down into the valley, the track then climbs quite steeply up to meet Missing Link. Although Missing Link is a two-way track, the usual exit strategy from Nikau Valley is to the left up to the bottom of Aratihi.

Being in a deep, dark valley much of the track is prone to being quite wet. The climbing section, in particular, more-or-less follows a creek that drains a large catchment between Aratihi and Snake Charmer. Consequently, the lower parts of the track can be very wet and slippery for long periods of time.

Downhill section of Nikau Valley

Full trail video

Getting there

The start of Nikau Valley is to the left at an obvious intersection near the end of Leaping Lizard's straight section.

Possum Bait Line joins from the south, 250m from the Leaping Lizard end.

The northern end joins the middle of Missing Link.

Other notes

One-way only, from the Leaping Lizard end.




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