Kaitawa Reserve


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Location: Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand

Play areas in urban Paraparaumu.

Grade: Beginner

Access: Bike and Foot

The tracks shown cover parks and reserve around inland Paraparaumu. These are childrens play areas, with dogs and bicycles allowed in some areas. There are numerous access points. I'll begin from the southern end of Epiha Street south of Paraparaumu railway station. The track begins at the southern end and ascends up through the pine tree to the water tank at the top of the hill, which is also decorated with radio antennae. There are some good views from this point. A wide 4WD track leads down the hill to Kaitawa Reserve. There is a small stream at the bottom without a bridge, and after a lot of rain you may get your feet wet crossing here beside the flying fox (it's for kids only!).

From the play area you can exit to Kaitawa Crescent, or follow the track across a couple of sturdy wooden bridges south to exit on Riwai Street (if you turn right here and go up the street you arrive back at the water tank), or go left and across Riwai St to another grassy area and exit on Hookway Grove. The southern end of the track here doesn't go anywhere, but one day could be continued on to the golf course which is near by.

Getting there:
The best parking areas are on Epiha Street (you need to turn right at the traffic lights in Paraparaumu, cross the railway lines and turn right in to Hinemoa Street to get to Epiha Street), the top of Riwai St near the water tank, or on Kaitawa Crescent near the reserve entrance. There are also entrances on Riwai Street and Hookway Grove.

Other notes:
Not to be confused with the Kaitawa Road track in Eastbourne, or the Kaitawa track in Whitireia Park.

Length: 2.54km

Conditions: Double track

gain50m loss28m begin5m end27m

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