Maidstone East


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Location: Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand

Tramping track from the eastern side of Maidstone Park.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

This track consists of three parts:

The lower loop, which starts and ends on the edge of Maidstone Park. The loop is about 0.50km long, and climbs steeply up the hill and then drops steeply down a ridge on the other side of a narrow valley.

A 0.25km long connection up to an extension of Seymour Grove.

A 0.20km long connection over to the mid-point of Maidstone West.

Much of this track is very steep and rocky, with lots and steps and plenty of exposed tree roots – making for a generally rough surface.

Getting there:
The highest, and eastern-most, point is on an extension to Seymour Grove, opposite a car parking area. Where Seymour Grove ends at a turning area, head up the road extension and take the right-hand alternative for 0.15km.

The lower loop ends on the eastern edge of Maidstone Park, less than 20m from the bottom of Seymour.

Another branch heads up a fairly steep hill to connect with Maidstone West.

Other notes:
Although bikes are not prohibited, this track isn't really suitable for bikes since there are about 250 steps along the way.

Length: 0.95km

Conditions: Single track

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