Maupuia Steps


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Location: Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand

Foot-only continuation of the Maupuia Walkway, with over 200 steps between Prison Road and Shelly Bay Road.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Foot

This track connects Prison Road and Shelly Bay Road via a series of more than 200 steps interspersed with sections of single track. Many of the steps are somewhat awkward, either requiring a large stride or sloping away when walking down hill. There's also a section of track near the bottom that appears to be almost permanently wet from water runoff coming down the hill.

Although much of the track is under tree cover, there are several places where gaps in the foliage provide stunning views over the harbour towards Hataitai and Roseneath.

The bottom of the track emerges rather abruptly onto the edge of Shelly Bay Road, so watch out for traffic.

Getting there:
The top is at the end of Prison Road, at the northern end of the gentle section of Maupuia Walkway.

The bottom is on Shelly Bay Road, about 0.7km south of the former Shelly Bay Air Force Base – which was decommissioned in 1995 and returned to Iwi in 2009.

Other notes:
Strictly speaking this track is part of the Maupuia Walkway. However, it is identified separately here due to it having a completely different character to the gentle cliff-top meander that forms the remainder of the walkway.

Length: 0.38km

Conditions: Single track

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