Lancewood Waggles


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Location: Hira Forest, Nelson, New Zealand

Grade 2-3 Singletrack, Part of the "Valley Trail" network and an extention of the "Tuckers Trails"

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike

This track wanders down the valey through some native bush, then crosses the stream and climbs up along some hard won ground before decending down to Bobs fern Road. This is a logical extention to the Scotwood Wiggles, and forms part of the proposed Valley trail which will eventually run all the way back to the carpark at the bottom. The stream crossing requires some care, and there is a bridge proposed in the near future.

Getting there:
The Entrance to this track is at the Exit of the Scotwood Wiggles track. If you ride up Sharland Road to the 5km sign, you will find the exit of Scotwood wiggles. go down here 20m and its on your left.

Length: 0.89km

Conditions: Single track

gain12m loss40m begin301m end261m Small climb after creek crossing

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