Herdmans Ave


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Location: Hanmer Township, Hanmer, New Zealand

Part Of The Forest Park

Grade: Beginner

Access: Bike and Foot

This is one a few roads in the Forest MTB Park suitable for beginners, children and family groups. There are a collection of tracks and roads in this area that are fun to explore, and even for the more wild rider to wind down on, on the way back into town.

Getting there:
There are several ways into the forest park. You can head down Jollies pass road and over the bridge to find an entrance on the right just after the bridge. You can head south out of town on the main road and into the park entrances just south of the main drag.

Other notes:
With respect to the Hanmer MTB Club who's only source of income is Sales of their fantastic Trail Maps, There are no GPS file loaded for these tracks, just desriptions. Please purchase a map from the Bike Shop in Hanmer when you visit to support this worthy cause

Conditions: Single track

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