Crows Nest


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Location: Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand

Unmarked but well used track linking Skyline to Huntleigh Park Way

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Foot

Crows Nest is the small hill above Ngaio. Travelling along the lostworld track, the route to Crows Nest goes left from a little copse of weather beaten trees where Bell Track alt joins back into the Skyline. There are some good views from the top of Crows Nest over Ngaio and Crofton Downs, and north to Mt Kaukau.

For Geocachers, there is a Crows Nest geocache nearby.

The track is well worn, but is unmarked which is why I have classed it as "intermediate". From Crows Nest the track goes downhill, across a fence (two posts have thoughtfully been erected as a make-shift style), and then between the gorse to a fence and style into Huntleigh Park Way bush. Once in the bush you can follow the track left to come out on Huntleigh Park Way in Ngaio, or down right downhill and come out by the Girl Guide headquarters on Silverstream Road.

The tough Bulldozer joins this track on the descent from Crows Nest. Unlike Bulldozer, this track is an easy walk. There also used to be a track descending to Heke St / Patna Street, and this is in reasonable condition.

Getting there:
Access from Hunleigh Park Way in Ngaio, near the top of the no-exit street. Or from the Skyline walkway.

Length: 2.24km

Conditions: Single track

loss190m begin363m end173m

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