Upper Stream


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Location: Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Trek up a narrow valley from the end of Stratton Street, then up a steep climb to meet Middle Ridge.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

From the southeastern end, wander up the valley along a track that is faintly defined in places. The track surface is mostly grass, with several unbridged creek crossings along the way.

As you head up the valley the track gets slowly steeper, and the valley gets progressively narrower. Just as the valley starts to narrow dramatically, the track turns sharply left up a steep hill. The turnoff isn't all that obvious – if you see a farm fence crossing the stream ahead, then you've gone too far. Turn back and look for a track that goes straight up a small crease in the hill.

Follow the track up to a saddle point, after which the gradient mellows for the final section to join Middle Ridge.

Getting there:
Southeastern end is at the northern end of Stream Walk, at the bottom of Bridleway - Horse Trail's steep drop to cross the creek. Veer around the hill to the left, following the creek upstream.

Northwestern end meets Middle Ridge part way down.

Length: 1.39km

Conditions: Single track

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