Skills Area


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Location: Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand

Makara Peak skill development area, including jumps, bumps, board rides, other obstacles.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

The skills area features a variety of activities designed to develop mountain biking skills. The activities include:

jumps and bumps of various sizes



raised board rides with tight corners and a step down

logs to ride over

sweeping bowl ride

other obstacles.

The map shows a path around the skills area, covering each of the main obstacles.


Getting there:
The skills area is located on a small plateau next to Tower 19, with the main entrance being via Tower 19 Connector from the intersection of Koru, Sally Alley, and other tracks.

Alternatively, Magic Carpet will take you to the top of the jump ramp. A more direct route from the main car park is to take a short, sign-posted connection off Koru.

Other notes:
The skills area was officially opened on 22 April 2007. Here is a short video from the opening.


Length: 0.61km

Conditions: Single track

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