Sharlands Creek Track


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Location: Hira Forest, Nelson, New Zealand

Riverside singletrack through native forest

Grade: Intermediate - Rocks and Roots

Access: Bike and Foot - Weekends Only - Permit required

Dual Use Track shared with walkers. A fairly rocky walking track with several creek crossings and a couple of carries. Used mainly as an access track out from the Matai and Rimu tracks

Getting there:
Access is via Sharlands Road. From the forest entrance about 4km up the Maitai Valley Road, ride up until you see a road to the left called Sharlands Road. Ride 3km up this road until you come across a gate, go back down the road about 100m and on the corner you should find a "Track" sign. this is the entrance to the track

Length: 1.82km

Conditions: Single track

gain0m loss104m begin215m end111m

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