McLeans 10km MTB Loop


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Location: McLeans Island, Christchurch, New Zealand

This one way loop is ideal, easy riding for the whole family or for a quick blast through the forest.

Grade: Beginner

Access: Bike

A very popular one-way track loop, currently just over 10km which is used by a wide variety of age and skill groups. On weekends it becomes massivly populated with families and young children, so if you are wanting to set a lap record, don't go on a sunny weekend. The track is all weather and drys fast. It is almost all singletrack with a short 4x4 section approx 1km in. The track is also dedicated to bikes, so no walkers should be encountered and you will have right of way! A great track to do night riding on, but beware as gates close as early as 7pm in the darker half of the year, and open till 10pm in the summer months.

Getting there:
Turn off Johns Road onto McLeans Island road. The entrance is directly opposite Orana Park. Plenty of parking available. Track starts north-west of the carpark.

Length: 10.30km

Conditions: Single track

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