Moke Lake


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Location: Queenstown, Queenstown Lakes, New Zealand

Scenic meander along Moke Lake Road near Queenstown.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

This is a long ride, involving a fair bit of hill climbing. You'll be rewarded with spectacular scenery, primarily the picturesque Lake Moke and surrounding hills, making the effort worthwhile.

Most of this track is technically easy, though there are some sections that require bike pushing.

Most of the track is a 4wd road, while the eastern quarter is single track.

Getting there:
Western end is on the Glenorchy Queenstown Road, about 6.5km southwest of downtown Queenstown.

Eastern end is on McChesney Road, in Arthurs Point, about 5km north of downtown Queenstown.

Other notes:
There is an alternate route down from Moke Lake, if you hike a short way up and over the southern spur, then you can follow the track down and past Lake Dispute. great rewarding track, but a slightly knotty (Grade 3++ steep) descent down to the Main road

Length: 22.77km

Conditions: 4wd

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