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Location: Southern Suburbs, Wellington, New Zealand

Grassy swoop around the eastern side of Mt Albert, with a set of steps connecting to Hornsey Road.

Grade: Easy

Access: Bike and Foot

This is an alternative to Western Slopes, heading around the eastern side of Mt Albert along a wide, rolling, grassy path.

About 0.15km from the southern end there's a steep set of steps that drop down to Hornsey Road. Although the steps notionally provide access to/from Hornsey Road, they are very unfriendly from a biking perspective.

Less than 0.1km further along the track branches at a Y-intersection: the upper branch goes up to Mt Albert Ridgeline, while the lower branch continues down and around the hill to an open grassy area where the track meets several others.

Getting there:
Southern end branches off Mt Albert Ridgeline, 50m past the water tank.

Northern end is at a busy intersection with Mt Albert Ridgeline, Western Slopes, and Melrose Park.

Length: 0.84km

Conditions: Double track

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