Hukinga Clearing


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Location: Akatarawa Forest, Wellington, New Zealand

Relatively gentle forestry road alongside the Akatarawa River West to a clearing in the Hukinga Forest Block.

Grade: Easy

Access: Bike and Foot

From McGhies Bridge this track wanders further into the wilderness alongside the Akatarawa River West.

The clearing where this track ends is the start and the end of the grand loop part of the Karapoti Classic.

Getting there:
Starts from the northern end of Karapoti Gorge, where it meets McGhies Bridge.

Ends at a clearing at an S-bend in the Akatarawa River West, in the middle of the Hukinga Forest Block.

Other notes:
This track forms part of the Karapoti Classic.

Length: 1.46km

Conditions: 4wd

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